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Is Hydrogen Safe?

August 18, 2010 by lwatts  
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Since the infamous Hindenburg disaster in 1937, hydrogen has developed a bad reputation as being a dangerous option for replacing conventional gasoline. Hydrogen is considered a fuel which means that it is combustible, but many of its properties make this element safer than many might think. If hydrogen fuel leaks or spills, it disperses and [...]

Hydrogen is Cleaner

August 18, 2010 by lwatts  
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Efficiency of Hydrogen and Fuel Cells

August 18, 2010 by lwatts  
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Hydrogen can be obtained from the splitting of water molecules through electrolysis. This process can be performed domestically, which can greatly reduce the dependence on petroleum imports. Using fuel cells can increase the range of vehicles because hydrogen fuel cells are nearly three times more efficient than cars that run on gasoline. In fuel cells, [...]

DLA Distribution Exploring Options for Extended Range Fuel Cell Vehicles

A two-phase pilot at Warner Robins and Susquehanna is well underway to explore new methods for hydrogen storage. As part of phase I, three companies, CTE, ATK, and Lynntech were invited to submit design proposals for new extended range vehicles with solid hydrogen capabilities. Of the three designs, CTE and ATK’s  models were selected for phase [...]

Project at Joint Base Lewis-McChord Exploring the Feasibility of Using Methane to Produce Hydrogen

August 13, 2010 by lwatts  
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Operations are set to begin at JBLM to harness the methane digester gas that is emitted from the facility’s waste water treatment plant. Although the methane has been previously flared to the atmosphere, it is the hope that this greenhouse gas can be utilized to produce hydrogen for 19 new fuel cell forklifts and a [...]

Cutting-Edge Hydrogen Production Project Begins Construction at DLA Distribution in Tracy, CA

At DLA Distribution San Joaquin in Tracy, California, construction began in June of this year to not only outfit 20 new forklifts with hydrogen fuel cells, but to explore the production of hydrogen from solar energy. Technological advances have allowed scientists to successfully use the sun to electrolyze water molecules and reproduce recoverable hydrogen. DDJC [...]

Fuel Cell Project at the DLA Distribution Warehouse in Warner Robbins, GA is Second Completed Pilot Project

In February of this year, DDWG became the second completed fuel cell pilot project. Highlights of the project included installing gas reformers for onsite hydrogen production,  outfitting 20 new forklifts with fuel cells, installing an outdoor storage and dispensing system, and installing mobile refuelers at five warehouse locations.
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DLA Distribution Depot Susquehanna, PA (DDSP) Outfits Forklifts with Fuel Cells

August 12, 2010 by lwatts  
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In 2008 at the DLA Distribution Depot Susquehanna, PA (DDSP) in New Cumberland, PA, work began to upgrade new and existing forklifts at the warehouse to run on hydrogen fuel. By February of 2009, a total of 40 forklifts had been outfitted with fuel cells and indoor and outdoor fuel-dispensing and storage systems had been installed.
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