Thursday, August 17, 2017

DoD Energy Strategy

The DLA’s Hydrogen Fuel Cell Program is providing a considerable amount of support to the Department of Defense by helping to achieve many aspects of the DoD’s current and future energy strategy. Incorporating fuel cell technology in installation activity will provide the DoD with cutting-edge methods of:

  • Promoting energy independence,
  • Reducing the environmental impact of activities, and
  • Improving operational efficiencies

Hydrogen and fuel cell technologies offer potential solutions to energy challenges related to battlefield logistics, energy security, and environmental sustainability. The pilots are engaged in improving the viability of these technologies for use in Department of Defense (DOD) operations through forklift efforts. DLA has made a significant contribution to the President’s Hydrogen initiative and EPACT goals by being a “first adopter” of hydrogen fuel cell technology while simultaneously benefiting DLA operationally. These pilots will stimulate the development of new applications for fuel cells, and will generate market traction that will facilitate the transition to the broad-based use of hydrogen.