Thursday, August 17, 2017

DLA Distribution Warner Robins, GA

The project at Warner Robins officially beganin January 2010. Members of the DLA Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Research and Development Program, Warner Robins directors, and military personnel were happy to cut the ribbon and welcome Warner Robins into a new phase of fuel production and use.

Pilot Status: COMPLETED

DLA Distribution Warner Robins began a 2-year project in November of 2009 to test on-site hydrogen production through natural gas reformation, to outfit 20 new forklifts with fuel cells, to install an outdoor storage and dispensing system, and to utilize mobile refuelers in five warehouses at six locations. The key performers,  Concurrent Technologies Corporation (Prime), Air Products, and Hydrogenics commenced the project to further develop the concept of mobile refueling and collect additional data for expanding the business case analysis. Prior to the project, this facility used traditional electric and propane lifts.

In addition to outfitting new forklifts with fuel cells, gas reformers were installed to produce the hydrogen used by the forklifts.

Marine Corps Brig. Gen. Peter Talleri assists representatives from DLA Distribution Warner Robins with demonstrating how to fill the new hydrogen mobile refueler.

This project helped to advanced knowledge of fuel cells, on-site reformation, mobile refueling, manufacturing readiness levels (MRL), and costs for fuel cells and infrastructure. The project was officially opened in January 2010 after a ribbon-cutting ceremony was held to welcome the hydrogen fuel cell program. Warner Robins was one of four hydrogen fuel cell pilot projects to explore hydrogen and fuel cell technologies, and it was the second to become operational.

At the conclusion of the pilot, all hydrogen fuel cell equipment and materials were relocated elsewhere for continued use.

Fuel cell technology at Warner Robins did not stop at forklifts and fuel production however. Warner Robins is currently involved in a demonstration program testing solid hydrogen storage capabilities in extended range vehicles.

This hydrogen mobile refueler can easily provide fuel to the new forklifts at five different warehouses.